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What is Disabled Access Day?

In 2015 Disabled Access Day began as a day to celebrate good access and to create opportunities for people to try something new. The day was very much about highlighting the fantastic access that already exists in places, experiences such as going on a touch tour, enjoying a relaxed performance, sensory experiences, signed events, level access and of course a warm welcome!

The Day was founded against the backdrop of wanting to make it easy for disabled people to try something new. Often these activities and experiences are hard to arrange or create a sense of anxiety and fear.

Our founder, Paul's experience of wanting to try getting on a bus with his powerchair but not in the rush hour of a weekday service was the catalyst. He describes it as a day for focusing on creating opportunities for people to attend a series of organised events where they will receive a warm welcome, a chance to try something new and the memory of having done something different. He wants Disabled Access Day events and experiences to have a legacy. Just like his telling the story of trying a bus for the first time.

Disabled People are encouraged having tried something new, or visited somewhere new, to share their story so that others can follow. A review on Euan's Guide, a tweet on social media or a blog post all help to make it easier for others considering a similar visit or experience.

What we're asking disabled people, their friends and families to do is "Try something new and send a review"!

Why have Disabled Access Day?

Disabled Access Day stems from an experience of Founder Paul Ralph in the summer of 2014. A powerchair user, Paul knew that Lothian Buses in his hometown of Edinburgh were wheelchair accessible. However, he hadn't tried them out for himself, so he didn't know if he could use buses with his own chair. He went to an Open day event at the Lothian bus depot where he was invited to try out the wheelchair access on a double decker bus. Paul uses buses regularly because he knows he can board any bus in Edinburgh.

This experience became an idea that there should be more opportunities like this out there for disabled people who see things they would like to try but aren't quite sure how they'd get on. A series of focussed 'try something new' events and opportunities that otherwise wouldn't be so easy to arrange.

When is Disabled Access Day?

There will be no Disabled Access Day in 2021 due to the ongoing Covid situation. We're currently looking at the best way to run the event in future years. Please sign up to be kept informed of further news.  

Who is behind Disabled Access Day?

Disabled Access Day was created from Paul's original idea and supported by Euan and the team at Euan's Guide. The intiative is powered by Euan's Guide - the disabled access charity.