Barclays take part in Disabled Access Day!

Barclays London

Barclays are the official headline partner of Disabled Access Day 2019!

From providing accessible services for customers, to assisting other businesses to become more inclusive, Barclays are truly committed to making a more accessible and inclusive society. 

Ian Workman, Co-Head SME UK, Barclays, said:

“Our partners at Euan’s Guide share a similar ambition with Barclays – let’s make society and communities more inclusive and accessible. That’s why we’re delighted to again be an official partner to Disabled Access Day. But we want to do more than ever before. Across over 1,500 Business and Relationship Managers, our Business Banking team have set the challenge to work with their clients across the UK to help them make adjustments that ensures their business becomes more accessible to their disabled customers. Small changes can make a huge difference.”

Own or run a business?

Being accessible to all makes good business sense as well as being the right thing to do. To find information on how to make your business more inclusive for all, click here.


Barclays London Staff