Why have disabled access day?

The idea of having Disabled Access Day grew out of not being able to try things out easily, safely and without the pressure of time against you. Not everyone wants to try out a bus journey in the rush hour, climb a tower with a queue behind you, visit a musem with loads of noise, or go swimming where there's no accessible changing rooms ... and so the story goes on. It's all about creating those opportunities to try something new in the spirit of safety, welcome and fun.

Shouldn't it be everyday?

Yes, of course we know that great access should be everyday and we expect that too. Creating the opportunities in the way we describe to try something new can't be everyday but that doesn't mean it can't happen at all so Disabled Access Day is a focus for this.

Nothing is in my area?

The events and activites for Disabled Access Day are organised by the places and groups taking part. We don't arrange them so there is the possibility of not much happening near you. If this is the case, we'd encourage you to go and try something new in your area and then share your visit with people by writing a review on Euan's Guide or tweeting about it or posting on Facebook. That way other folk can get to know what's good in your area.

I'm a venue looking to plan an event but wonder if you have any suggestions?

Particpants from previous years have drawn inspiration and ideas from reading about the activities of those places who have taken part. You can read more about the types of things people have done in our reviews and reports.

Why are you asking particpating venues to highlight their Changing Places Toilet facilties or those nearby?

Changing Places Toilets have a toilet, basin, ceiling hoist and adult sized changing table with space for a wheelchair user and carers.

The events and activites for Disabled Access Day are organised by the particpating venues and over the past few years we have become increasingly aware of the importance of toilet facilities in attracting visitors. Our Founder, Paul, is a Changing Places user and wants to encourage event organisers to consider whether events organised for and targeted at disabled visitors are including the UK's 250,000 users of Changing Places toilets.