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Paul Arrows
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Often venues don’t shout enough about their existing accessibility. Disabled Access Day is an opportunity for you to showcase what you have! Places and organisations are able to use the day as a focal point in many ways, such as raising staff awareness, reviewing existing accessibility and improving their visitor experience by exploring what works well.

What can you do?

We invite venues and places to organise a bespoke event or experience to highlight their accessibility and inclusion. This may take the form of your choice but we encourage you to do something that you wouldn’t usually do.

It could be you use the day to try something new yourself such as running a touch tour for the first time, having a workshop, giving folk a look behind the scenes, having more volunteers on hand and way marked routes.

To be included in the Disabled Access Day we have some things venues must commit to before the day. We are doing this to ensure that everyone who wants to take part in visiting you has the information they require in order to plan their day and can expect an inclusive experience on the day.

All participating venues, places or organisations are asked to commit to our five steps to a successful Disabled Access Day:

  • Organise an event or experience that would not normally be within your day to day work that is inclusive for your target audience

  • Your venue location must be listed on Euan’s Guide with the relevant access information completed so that people can decide to visit

  • Your venue must have a Changing Places Toilet* or be in close proximity to one. If your organisation is not one where visitors come along you must be actively supporting the Changing Places movement 

  • The event or experience you plan to offer on Disabled Access Day must be listed on Euan’s Guide so that people can find the details and for you to benefit from wider publicity

  • On the day you should help people to leave a legacy so that others can visit too! This may be by encouraging reviews on Euan’s Guide or by using social media to share their experiences.

Note: *

We are keen to ensure that all event and activity organisers are aware of the need for Changing Places Toilets so that everyone who wants to take part can. Changing Places toilets have a toilet, basin, ceiling hoist and adult sized changing table with space for a wheelchair user and carers. It may be that you have a Changing Places Toilet on site; that's fantastic! It could be that you are able to signpost visitors to a nearby Changing Places Toilet or perhaps have a Mobiloo / Pamiloo (Mobile) Changing Places Toilet on site for the event.

We mention having a Changing Places Toilet in close proximity and our friends over at PAMIS quite rightly point out this can mean different things for different people and their families. If you can say how long it would typically take a non-disabled person to walk from your venue to the facility that will be extremely helpful to many visitors. 

If you are uncertain about how this relates to your situation please email us and we will do our best to help.

You can find out more about Changing Places Toilets on their dedicated website at 

Guide for Event Organisers

You can download a copy of our Venue Guide 2019 for event organisers for more information and helpful tips.

Celebrate Disabled Access Day by creating an event and signing up below.

The important thing is to enjoy your event. Don’t worry about the number of visitors you get on the day, we know if one individual gets a new and worthwhile experience then you have achieved perhaps more than what you think.  

If you are looking for inspiration visit our previous blogs which are jammed packed with ideas and case studies, and of course get in touch!