Are you a venue, why should you sign up?

Often venues don’t shout enough about their existing accessibility. Disabled Access Day is an opportunity for you to showcase what you have!

Places and organisations are able to use the weekend as a focal point in many ways, such as rising staff awareness, reviewing existing accessibility and talking with visitors by exploring what works well.

What can you do?

Firstly, identify your accessibility and things that your doing. You probably will be surprised at how much you are doing already!

Share that information with your teams and the public. You could do this by creating a listing on Euan’s Guide, if you already haven’t done so.

Spend some time thinking what your venue would like others to see and or experience. 

Celebrate Disabled Access Day by creating an event and signing up below.

The important thing is to enjoy your event. Don’t worry about the number of visitors you get on the day, we know if one individual gets a new and worthwhile experience then you have achieved perhaps more than what you think.  

If you are looking for inspiration visit our previous blogs which are jammed packed with ideas and case studies, and of course get in touch!

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