150 Days until Disabled Access Day!

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150 Days until Disabled Access Day!

Exciting times ahead as there are only 150 days to go until Disabled Access Day 2017! Taking place over three days from the 10th-12th of March, this will be the biggest event yet. We’ve been hearing from lots of venues and businesses who want to take part again next year, and we’re excited to welcome brand new locations to the Disabled Access Day map in 2017! 

With three days to choose from, getting involved has never been easier. We can now look forward to events on the Friday from organisations and venues who only operate on weekdays, as well as hundreds of other events across the weekend. In 2016, 70% of venues who got involved on the day said their awareness of accessibility increased, and that’s just one reason to take part next year.

So, if you own, manage or work at a venue; here are five reasons you should get involved with Disabled Access Day in 2017:

Promote your accessibility

Showcase and promote your accessibility during the three days of Disabled Access Day, if you’ve got it flaunt it! It is also a chance to refresh your staff training including make staff aware of access at your venue and where kit like ramps and hearing loops are… And how they work!

Discover new ways to engage your visitors

During the weekend’s festivities, there are chances to put new ideas into practice and offer a variety of activities. Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children’s Stories, put on an Early Bird activity this year to create a quieter environment for young people to enjoy their favourite books. This #AccessDay event was so successful that it is now a regular feature! 

Get noticed

Getting featured in newspapers, radio and TV promotes your venue’s image! A positive column in a newspaper speaks volumes in promoting a venue’s access and can capture the imagination of the local community. We’ll be putting together press releases that you can use to promote your involvement in the day.

Have fun!

Fun is the name of the game but don’t just take our word for it… Thinktank Birmingham said ‘it really gives people the chance to come and visit you and discover what you do. We had positive feedback from visitors and there were lots of highlights - including one of our members of staff being able to use BSL for the first time to help communicate with a hearing impaired visitor!’.

So, whether you are looking to bring fun back to your venue with a new event or want to show off your accessibility then now is the time to sign up! Feedback from 2016’s day of festivities was awesome and we encourage you to start planning early.

Don’t be the odd one out!

We said it last year, and we’ll say it again! You won’t want to be the odd one out next March. Disabled Access Day in 2016 more than quadrupled in size and #AccessDay trended on Twitter for hours. Over 10,000 people took part, and business and venues have told us how much they enjoyed getting involved this year. Find out how Imperial War Museum, Ambassador Cinema and others got involved in the event in March here.