Disabled Access Day 2015 Heat Map

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Disabled Access Day 2015 Heat Map

Last year’s Disabled Access Day was a huge success; over a thousand people were involved in eleven different countries, with an incredible 261 venues taking part on the day. Edinburgh, London and Belfast were the biggest hotspots for Disabled Access Day activities and events this January. Though activity and events were widespread beyond these capital cities, 2016 will hopefully see many more events in the heat map, especially across Scotland where activity was focused on the major cities.

For 2016’s Disabled Access Day, we need even more venues, businesses and people to get involved in whatever way they can, especially in the places that weren't involved in January. Venues can use this as an opportunity to think about new ways they can become accessible to more customers or advertise the facilities they offer and encourage new customers to come in and visit.

People don’t just live in capital cities, improved accessibility and accessible events are important no matter where in the country you are – from big cities and towns all the way to small villages, disabled access matters.

So here’s hoping that next year, Disabled Access Day will be even bigger than before and that 2016’s Disabled Access Day heat map will be lit up even brighter!

View the full map in our report.