A Disabled Access Day preview at Watford Football Club

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A Disabled Access Day preview at Watford Football Club

The Hornets are getting ready to take on their old rivals from Southampton this Saturday 4th March, as part of Watford Football Club’s Disabled Access Day participation. The players will be showing off the Disabled Access Day colours in their warm-up to the Premier League game in front of a crowd of thousands!

The event on Saturday is set to take place one week before Disabled Access Day celebrations commence around the UK and beyond from the 10th-12th March. To get fans in the mood for the three-day weekend of accessible and inclusive events, Watford Football Club will be displaying #AccessDay banners on their big screen and will also be holding interviews with disabled sports fans and special guests at half time.

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The celebrations come after new wheelchair and easy access spaces have been unveiled at Vicarage Road, the home of Watford Football Club.

Watford Football Club said: “We are hoping that new supporters who may not have attended before or heard about our new facilities will take the chance to visit.”

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Founder of Disabled Access Day, Paul Ralph said: “We want Disabled Access Day to reach as many people as possible and being so visible during a Premier League match is magnificent! It is an added bonus that Watford Football Club are amongst those leading the way.”

We have a special announcement coming up tomorrow as a warm up treat – watch this space! In the meantime, let the best team win on Saturday!