#AccessDay outdoors! How can your attraction take part?

#AccessDay outdoors! How can your attraction take part?

Disabled Access Day really is open to all, and that includes venues that are open to all weathers! An outdoor event for #AccessDay might have to be planned and delivered in a slightly different way, but it is still possible to make it fully inclusive.  We are here to help with some top tips, come rain or shine!

1.Pre-event information is a must.

There is no way that you can predict everything that might happen at an outdoor event; the elements do like to surprise us! You can, however, put your guests at ease by giving them relevant and updated information including parking and public transport directions, toilet locations and first-aid spots.  Also think about accessible facilities, like wheelchair viewing platforms, and prior warning about special effects and loud noises.  Is the action of the event a long way from the parking areas? Perhaps you could put on an accessible shuttle bus for less mobile guests, and allow them to save their energy for the event itself! Information and action like this is invaluable, and hugely appreciated.

2.Plan for a Rainy Day

Some things are just unavoidable, bad weather being one of them. Don’t forget to plan for the worst by having tented areas or ponchos and umbrellas available for guests.

3.Customer Service always wins

Even in the rain, there’s nothing quite like a smile! Ensure your staff are well trained to help disabled visitors, can give good directions to accessible pathways and seating areas, and are easy to see in high visibility jackets.  As well as helpful staff, make sure you have tip top signage that is accessible to all; everyone likes to know where they are going!

4.The Extra Mile.

Little things really do mean a lot.  Blankets, fold up chairs, chargers for power chair users and water for assistance dogs to quench their thirst can really turn a good event into a great one.  Disabled people are very loyal customers, and tend to return time and time again when they are impressed with a venue and its facilities!