Accessible Banking and what's new from Barclays

Accessible Banking and what's new from Barclays

Here’s a rundown of some of the latest initiatives:

  1. Lip Speaker Service – Inspired by one of our own deaf customers (@DeafieBlogger), in December 2018 we launched a brand new service which lets deaf people who don’t use BSL call our contact centres using their chosen person to relay the conversation.
  2. Tell us about your access needs – Recent customer research showed us that many people were unaware that they can tell us about their access needs, so that we can provide a more personalised and appropriate service. Find out how you can add a Care Indicator to your account or watch this example video about a customer with Dyslexia to see how it might help you.
  3. Online resources there when you need them – Recognising the impact that disability, physical health and mental health can sometimes have, last year we launched new online resources to offer information and signposting. Take a look at the Living with Illness or Disability online moment and Mental Health content.
  4. Inclusive Tourism Campaign – We mean business about accessibility which is why this Disabled Access Day we’re launching a new inclusion campaign targeting tourism businesses. From B&B’s to theme parks, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy holidays and days out and want to encourage businesses to do more to welcome disabled visitors.
  5. Changing Hearts and Minds – Everyone has a role to play in making the world a more accessible place, but for some, they’ve just never thought about it that way before. To help with this, we launched a range of short videos on YouTube bringing to life the everyday barriers some people face, and steps that product and service designers can take to avoid excluding.
  6. Guide Dogs for the Blind partnership – A bank and a charity for the blind might not seem the most obvious of partners, but we both share a strong ambition to make the world more accessible. Watch this short video about our partnership with the Guide Dogs charity.

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And here’s four more customer favourites you might also not know about;

  1. Voice Security - This technology verifies customers based solely on their voice, making it a highly secure method of verification. The service is free and makes it easier for telephone banking customers to access their account, especially those who struggle to remember passwords.
  2. Secure chat on-the-go - Accessed through the Barclays Mobile Banking app, this live chat service allows you to have an instant secure chat with a member of Barclays staff from your mobile and undertake servicing activities. Great for people on a noisy train or for someone with hearing loss alike.
  3. Contactless Wearables – Our range of contactless payment devices are based around a pre-paid account that links to most major credit or debit cards. Working just like a contactless card, it can be used to pay for anything under £30. Customer feedback has shown that it can be particularly helpful for wheelchair users, people with dexterity problems, sight loss or conditions such as dyslexia.
  4. High Vis Debit Cards Just Got More High Vis – Our popular range of High Visibility Debit Cards have already had over 10,000 issued. In addition to high contrast and brightly coloured designs and a tactile notch for easy orientation, the CVV numbers on the reverse of the card are also been enlarged.


We’re always aiming to improve and expand the services we offer, so if you have any feedback or suggestions for other things we should do, please let us know by tweeting us @BarclaysAccess or emailing

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