Advance UK tell us their Disabled Access Day plans

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Advance UK tell us their Disabled Access Day plans

Candy from Advance UK has written a guest post for us detailing the charities plans for 12th March and she’d love you to join them on the day!

Advance UK are working with the Hackney Museum to deliver an exciting 6-week workshop which will come to an end on Disabled Access Day. Find out more about the plans below.


Who is Advance UK?

We’re a national, charitable organisation and support thousands of people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions across England. We also provide housing and employment services too.  We are really proud that we were one of the first organisations to offer shared ownership for people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions, and now offer a wide range of housing including supported living and extra care schemes.

At Advance we believe that everyone has the right to lead a full, varied, and happy life. That’s why we run a range of workshops including art, music, and drama workshops, so that our customers have the opportunity to explore and express their creativity.

How did you find out about Disabled Access Day and why did you decide to get involved?

As an organisation working with disabled people, we know how important it is that buildings and public spaces are fully accessible for people with disabilities. Because we develop homes for people with disabilities, we know that a truly accessible building can help someone live more independently, safely, and happily.

We believe that people with disabilities should be able to enjoy the same experiences as other people. That’s why we chose Hackney museum as the venue for our art workshops because it is an inspirational and accessible space. As our last workshop fell on Disabled Access Day, we thought it would be a great idea to also promote Disabled Access Day alongside our workshops.

How did the plans for the ‘Our Stories’ project and working with the Hackney Museum come about?

For many years, we’ve run drama, art, and music workshops for people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions.

We knew that there was a need to run art workshops for people in and around Hackney, giving local people the opportunity to explore their identity through art. As we had good links with Hackney Council and Hackney museum, we thought it would be a great idea to approach them to see whether we could hold our workshops in the museum.

What will the 6 weeks of workshops ahead of Disabled Access Day involve?

The workshops will involve a range of art activities, which will be flexible to accommodate the individual needs and interests of customers.  We will be supporting people to use a range of props and techniques, including portrait, music, costume, flags, and much more!

What will be happening on Disabled Access Day at Hackney Museum?

On Disabled Access Day, our customers will be leading the workshop - showcasing their art, and encouraging members of the public to get involved in activities. It will be a really fun and inspirational day in a fantastic and accessible space.

How should people find out more about your plans for Disabled Access Day?

Head over to our website and look out for updates on Facebook.  For people on Twitter, our twitter handle is @advancetweets.


You can also find out more about their plans and Hackney Museum’s accessibility on Euan’s Guide.