Barclays launch B2B access advice portal

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Barclays launch B2B access advice portal

Disabled Access Day supporters, Barclays, have today launched their brand new business to business web portal which will offer free accessibility insights and resources to SME’s across the UK. Research they conducted found nearly one in five business owners were not sure of the benefits of making a business accessible and inclusive, while 17% of respondents advised they wouldn’t know where to start. However, the research also found that there was a demand from SME’s about how to make their business more accessible.

Barclays have been on their own journey of access and inclusion in recent years and have learnt lots along the way. With an aim of sharing their knowledge, they have launched this new portal to encourage other businesses to start thinking about accessibility, to share advice and help businesses gain confidence. SMEs are able to access a range of resources such as training for frontline staff and guidance on how to create products and services that are inclusive in design and therefore suitable for people with different abilities. 

Adam Rowse, Head of Business Banking at Barclays said: “We want to help businesses be more confident on the topic of disability. The research demonstrates a large gap exists in educating and equipping businesses with the right tools and guidance on accessibility, in catering for disabled customers. It also shows the business SMEs could be turning away, simply by not knowing where to start. Living in a diverse society, the business that caters for the needs of as many customers as possible will be the one most likely to not only survive but flourish.” 

Ahead of announcing the date for Disabled Access Day 2017 next week, this resource will be great for businesses that are considering getting involved in Disabled Access Day and becoming more accessible and inclusive. With a range of downloadable materials, videos and advice to help businesses see not only the benefit of becoming accessible but also start them on their own journey, it’s sure to be a great resource for may SMEs.

Take a look at the portal:  

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