Borough Market - Taste & Aroma Delights

2015, food & drink, London, England

Borough Market - Taste & Aroma Delights

Check out this fab demonstration kitchen event from Borough Market - we're sure this is one event that will be very popular!

Here's what they told us...

The senses are inextricably linked to our perception and enjoyment of food, none more so than taste and aroma. This Saturday Borough Market chef Celia Brooks plans to explore our emotional reaction to both at the Demonstration Kitchen.

Using ingredients from the Market, Celia will focus on the five tastes – saltiness, bitterness, sourness, sweetness and umami – and illustrate their defining characteristics in a series of thought provoking snacks for you to try. A range of carefully selected aromas built into the recipes will give you the chance to experience the psychological impact flavour can have on the eater and how the power of suggestion through the medium of smell can be used to great culinary effect.

Celia’s demonstration will be translated by a sign language interpreter and information on National Disabled Access Day (supported by Euan’s Guide) will be on display in the Pod next to the kitchen.  Be one the first 50 visitors to the Pod on Saturday and you will receive a free Borough Market cool bag, ideal for keeping your Saturday shopping chilled!

Join Celia between 11.30-1pm for a potentially mind altering experience, some great cooking tips and a few recipes to try out on friends and family at home.

Celia's Menu Includes:

Dough baked with sea salt, olive oil, green olives, capers, chilli flakes. Finished with Belper Knolle cheese.

Chicory leaves with pear, blue cheese & walnuts, finished with peppery olive oil

Bruschetta with lemon-infused goat's curd, roasted red peppers, mint and sumac

Shiitake mushrooms cooked with port and mascarpone, finished with truffle oil

Dough baked with fennel seeds, coriander seeds, pine nuts and caramelised onions