bPay - An #AccessDay offer for gadget lovers!

bPay - An #AccessDay offer for gadget lovers!

Barclays, official partners of Disabled Access Day, are regularly ahead of the game in the world of accessible banking. Their pioneering technology and innovative ideas make paying with contactless a straightforward task, and we’re excited to bring you their new bPay by Barclaycard offer for #AccessDay newsletter readers!

To be eligible for this offer, simply make sure you are signed up to the Disabled Access Day newsletter, and we’ll send you your code. You’ll get 30% off bPay (T&Cs apply*. Offer expires on 13/03/17). Sign up below.

What is bPay?

If you love contactless spending, chances are you’ll love bPay even more. bPay want to make buying your morning coffee or paying for your commute quicker, safer, and more accessible than ever.

The family of gadgets include a bPay wristband, loop, sticker and a fob; so even if you’re not a fan of wearing technology on your wrist, there are other discreet options too. With your gadget, you can tap, swipe, or wave to pay for just about anything under £30 using contactless; and the good news is that over 400,000 shops and services are already contactless. Imagine breezing through the London Underground turnstiles without fumbling for lost cards at the bottom of a bag, or spilling the contents of your pockets! 

bPay isn’t just for Barclaycard customers either, so you won’t be left out. You can link your account a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card registered to a UK address, and you’re good to go! We love that there’s an app to make tracking what you spend easier too, especially as those morning coffees add up…

bPay user using their wristband on a bus

Accessible spending

The best bit about bPay is that making small purchases on the move is becoming easier than ever. Here are some of the accessibility benefits that come with having a bPay gadget:

It’s making people feel more secure

Keeping your money close is easy with bPay, especially if you use the wristband. Whether you’re visually impaired or a wheelchair user, the knowledge that your card won’t be snatched from your hand or lifted by someone as you use it is massively reassuring. You don’t have to pull out your purse or wallet either, meaning your valuables can be kept safe and secure inside your bag or pocket.

bPay is easy to use

Great for people who have a dexterity or visual impairment, bPay removes the need for sorting out cash or opening bags and purses. Plus, the absence of a battery means you won’t need to worry about the device running flat, or having to replace small, fiddly batteries. We like it!

Spending is quick

bPay is ideal if you’re one of those people who is always on the move. If you’re rushing for your morning train, you can simply lift your wrist or device to open the turnstiles on the London Underground. Topping up petrol is quicker too, as you can keep your car keys in your hand and hover your bPay fob over the contactless reader to pay.

bPay user using wristband

You can track your spending

This is especially useful if someone else is using your device for you. You can easily keep on top of what family members or carers are spending and control how much money is available in your pre-paid account. All you need to do is log in to your online account or open the bPay mobile app!

bPay is affordable

The Wristband and Loop cost £19.99, Fob £17.99 and the Sticker is £14.99, but with your #AccessDay discount these gadgets will be even more affordable! The devices are valid for a minimum of two years, so you won’t need to buy a new one until their expiry date.

Barclays will provide alternative formats

When you join bPay, you will receive a handy welcome pack from Barclays. You can request this pack in braille, large print or audio if needed – just email your full name, phone number and order number to help@bpay.co.uk.

bPay user using their Keyfob

How to redeem this offer

To get 30% off your bPay order (T&Cs apply*. Offer expires on 13/03/17), simply make sure you are signed up to the Disabled Access Day newsletter (if you don't currently receive this you can sign up below) and you will receive your discount code via email. To redeem, visit the bPay eShop, add your selected bPay devices to your basket and enter the code from the email in the ‘Promotion Code’ field in the basket.

Terms and Conditions

*Offer expires at 23:59 on 13/03/17. While stocks last. bPay reserves the right to remove or change this offer at any time. 

Each account is subject to application and T&Cs. Each device is valid for a minimum of two years, after expiry you’ll need to buy a new device.

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