Disabled Access Day 2017 and our Access Surveys: Why are they so important?

2016, Access Survey

Disabled Access Day 2017 and our Access Surveys: Why are they so important?

This is how our Access Survey came about; if we can show just how easy, and effective, it is for businesses and institutions to present their accessibility information, whilst showing them just how many people may be searching to gain that exact knowledge, it’s a win-win situation for disabled people, their networks, and the businesses themselves!


As an extension of this, Disabled Access Day (March 10th - 12th 2017) is also here to help. Disabled people can try a new activity or take a new mode of transport to somewhere that they can be assured fits their access requirements, and these organisations can get feedback, hints and tips on what they are doing wonderfully, and what they could improve on for next year. Positive reinforcement and inclusivity at its very best, if you like.  


It’s easy to understand that access and inclusion can seem like pretty scary concepts if you have little to no experience of disability and run a small business, but it really does not have to be this way, as both the Access Survey and Disabled Access Day show. In fact, both these concepts show that, truly, our society works best when disabled people and organisations work together and share information that is useful to us all. Collectively, we disabled people also have over £212 billion worth of spending power, a pretty cool pot for any business to be able to tap into as, let’s face it, who doesn’t like to treat themselves!? 


It’s time for a true awareness and comfort around disability, and for accessibility not to just be seen as a kind thing to implement, but also the correct thing for a sound business model. Do get in touch with us and join the Disabled Access Day family for 2017. We really are a friendly bunch and you can complete the Access Survey below!