Disabled Access Day more than quadrupled in size in 2016!

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Disabled Access Day more than quadrupled in size in 2016!

We are pleased to launch the Disabled Access Day report today which shows the day has grown over four fold! The report provides an overview of what happened on 12th March 2016, highlights some of the great activities that took place across the UK and beyond and summarises the results of our surveys.

After the event we conducted two surveys; one for individuals and a second for venues, to collate people’s feedback about what went well, why they got involved and what we could do better next year.

What did people tell us?

It’s estimated that nearly 11,000 individuals took part in Disabled Access Day in 2016, which is over ten times the number of individuals that took part in the inaugural event in January 2015. Individuals that took part advised that the main reason for getting involved in the day was to try something new, other reasons for getting involved included the opportunity to test out new equipment and to raise awareness about accessibility locally. It was great to see that 96% of individuals who took the survey advised they would get involved again next year!

We are pleased to say that over 50% of independent venues that got involved with Disabled Access Day completed the survey, which is a great testament to the high levels of engagement that we’ve had with venues in 2016. The number of venues involved more than quadrupled since 2015, with 1,067 venues officially taking part on 12th March, including 276 independent venues. The additional venues included 503 Barclays branches, 250 Caffè Nero cafès, 30 Strada restaurants and 8 Stagecoach hubs. Of the 276 independent venues, visitor attractions, museum and galleries and stage and screen venues made up the majority of venues taking part (68%).

70% of people that responded on behalf of venues advised that their awareness of accessibility had increased as a result of getting involved in Disabled Access Day, with 6% advising they were already very aware of accessibility. 94% of venues advised that they would get involved in Disabled Access Day again next year and we can’t wait to start working with them again on the 2017 event!

And next year’s dates are…

Disabled Access Day dates 2017 graphic: 10th - 12th March 2017.

Yes, you read that right – dates not date! Following feedback, we’ve decided to extend Disabled Access Day so that it covers not one, not two but three days! This will not only give individuals and venues more of an opportunity to get involved in the day, see or do multiple things and really explore accessible locations across the UK and further afield, but it will also enable charities, schools and companies that operate Monday – Friday to get involved too - which we’re really excited about!

We need your help in 2017!

We would love your help next year to help us make Disabled Access Day 2017 even bigger and better, as a small but dedicated team we do as much as we can to raise the profile of the day. However, the more people that shout about the day the more well-known it will become! So whether it’s sharing your contacts with us, shouting about it on social media or simply telling all your friends and family – we’d love your help to spread the word in the run up to next year’s event! Please contact us by emailing takepart@disabledaccessday.com or calling 0131 510 5106 with any ideas you have – we’d love to hear from you!

We would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the survey and give us valuable feedback which has and will continue to shape next year’s event.

For more information, read the full report:

Download our full report (PDF).

Download our full report (Microsoft Word).