Disabled Access Day: The small venue guide!

Disabled Access Day: The small venue guide!

In changing times, small venues have the challenging but important task of offering difference in a huge consumer market.  Costs are often high, and budgets cut, but it doesn’t have to cost the Earth when it comes to access and inclusion for #AccessDay.  What can small venues do to join in on the fun?

Welcome all in a way only you know how!

Lifts, evac chairs and tactile flooring are all incredible pieces of accessible equipment, but nothing breaks down barriers quite like a friendly smile and a warm welcome.  Encourage your staff to have the confidence to converse with a disabled customer and offer help where it may be required.  Opening doors, taking food orders at the table instead of the bar and knowing the best place to have an accessible drink or two are all tiny things that make a huge difference to disabled people, and your welcome, help and knowledge certainly won’t be forgotten.

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Invest in equipment that’s portable.

If you can afford to kit out your establishment with all mod-cons when it comes to access – amazing! But if that’s not the case, you can still improve your inclusivity in a very cost effective manner.  Portable ramps, vibrating alarm clocks and hearing loops are just some examples of accessible equipment that doesn’t break the bank, and also mean that you can adapt your venue to meet specific requests and requirements – just remember to ask about access requirements when you receive a booking or, even better, have an accessible booking form on your website!

Success isn’t always judged by size!

When running an event, it’s easy to think that the more people that turn up, the more successful the day will have been.  When it comes to Disabled Access Day, this certainly is not the case; even one person having a changed perception of the accessibility of their surroundings and the opportunities available to them is truly huge.

Remember: a little goes a long way! A small venue can still shout loudly when it comes to access and inclusion on #AccessDay.

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