How can access groups get involved in Disabled Access Day?

How can access groups get involved in Disabled Access Day?

With Disabled Access Day only six weeks away, many of our blogs are focused on encouraging hotels, museums and other venues to prepare for our weekend of accessible adventures on the 10th to the 12th of March 2017, whilst also promoting and shouting loud about the inclusive amenities they already have.  But how can Disabled Access Day work for access groups who are well on their way to creating access and inclusion on a more frequent basis? 

We’d like to invite you to join our mission, with your great ideas and vigour for change.  Here is how you and your team can get involved with Disabled Access Day:

Always look on the bright side of life!

One thing we are extremely passionate about, and proud of, at Disabled Access Day, is celebrating progress rather than focusing on negatives when it comes to access.  As you know, it can be immensely frustrating when organisations, and society as a whole, are not set up to cater for our requirements, but we want to make steps to changing this through encouragement rather than complaint.  We are asking venues to set the bar high and treat inclusion with welcome rather than worry, so it’s only right that we disabled people display that same welcoming attitude to all we meet, too.

Offer your services.

Do you want to get involved in this year’s Disabled Access Day and help to make it a roaring success? We would love you to, and we are sure that the local organisations around you could do with some support, too! Find out who has signed up to take part on the day in your community, and offer your expertise! There is nothing quite like lived experience to add a certain something to any event, and exactly the same rules apply for Disabled Access Day.  You could even volunteer on the day itself in your community and soak up the true Disabled Access Day atmosphere – something we are told year upon year is not to be missed!

Tell us what you think!

And after Disabled Access Day is over for another year, and everyone is delighted and exhausted in equal measure, do feed back to us telling us what you loved and what could be better next time.  Disabled Access Day is run for disabled people who want to venture somewhere new without such fear of an inaccessible unknown, and with your help we can make it even more magical in the future. Accessibility, ahoy!

P.S. Glasgow Access Panels have organised an event, “What is an Access Audit?’ - An Introduction to Access Auditing!” This promises to be very both interesting and useful, read more here!