How to get your sport or fitness venue involved in #AccessDay!

How to get your sport or fitness venue involved in #AccessDay!

It’s the New Year, and we are all professing that the sporty, fun side of ourselves is going to make a great appearance in 2017; disabled people can overindulge in the sweet treats over the festive season just as much as anyone else! If you run a sports or fitness venue, you are probably inundated with membership sign ups and renewals, but is your venue accessible for disabled people to get a sweat on, and how can you make your #AccessDay event as inclusive as possible?

Advertise your great equipment!

Many gyms and sporting facilities now have some incredible kit, often including accessible equipment such as hand cycles, machines with supportive backrests and free weights that can be used in any position.  Make sure you let your online followers know about these things, as they are much more likely to attend if they think your venue is suited to their requirements.  Mention accessible parking spaces, level entrances and spacious changing cubicles on your website, too!

Offer adaptive classes!

Disabled Access Day is from the 10th to 12th of March 2017, and the whole weekend will showcase what a truly inclusive society could look like.  Disabled people, their friends and family will try something new, with the assurance that it will suit their requirements – and that could be your sports and fitness venue! So what could you do for Disabled Access Day? Well, how about offering fully adapted classes throughout the weekend, for all to get involved in? Many adapted classes tend to run on weekdays during working hours, so working disabled people often miss out.  This could all change for Disabled Access Day!

Team up!

Keeping fit is often better with a buddy, or in a group.  Why not connect with local organisations and charities near you and see what they are doing for #AccessDay? You might come up with some great ideas together, and your venue could be just the perfect space they were looking for to make it all happen!

Let’s make 2017 the year for everyone to feel that they had an opportunity for a workout suited for them. If you are a sport or fitness venue and wish to take part in Disabled Access Day sign up here!