How to market your #AccessDay event!

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How to market your #AccessDay event!

So, you’ve decided what you’re going to do for Disabled Access Day.  Perhaps you’re putting on an inclusive exhibition for all, ramping up your assisted theatre performances, or showing how accessible your café is and knowledgeable your staff are over a lovely #AccessDay cuppa. Disabled Access Day events are amazing, and even more so when plenty of people turn up to celebrate with you! Let the marketing commence!

Get your Twitter on!

If you’re all ready to let everyone know about your Disabled Access Day event, don’t forget to tweet about it! Get in touch with us @Access_Day, but also inform your local Member of Parliament, disability awareness charities in your area and any other venues that you know to be putting on events too! Collectively, we can spread the word far and wide, and encourage more disabled people, their friends and families to try something or somewhere new.

Roll up, Roll up: Local News

Are your local newspapers and magazines proactive when it comes to accessibility? Make sure they know that Disabled Access Day is just around the corner, and you are taking part! A local disabled reporter might even want to get in on the action over the weekend itself. How exciting?!

Make sure your advertising is accessible.

If you’re promoting Disabled Access Day on your website, be sure to provide ways for disabled people to get in touch with you, should they have any queries.  Not everyone can use the phone, so an email address or accessible booking form is also really useful to have on your site.

We cannot wait to see what this year’s Disabled Access Day brings. Huge thanks to you for being a part of it.