Is your cafe or restaurant taking part in #AccessDay?

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Is your cafe or restaurant taking part in #AccessDay?

Food, glorious food.  We all need to eat and most of us fancy a slice of cake when it’s not even necessary! Is your café or restaurant taking part in Disabled Access Day, and helping to build a more inclusive society? Here are some top tips for you to read before our adventurous, accessible weekend on the 10th to the 12th March 2017.

Welcome, not worry.

When it comes to Disabled Access Day, make sure your staff have been given all the training and most importantly, confidence to make your #AccessDay event a true success.  So often, there is a ‘fear factor’ surrounding disability and communication. If your staff can turn this around and treat all their guests with a welcoming attitude rather than one filled with worry, your Disabled Access Day event is bound to be one worth celebrating.  From all of us at Disabled Access Day, good luck!

Accessibility: a varied diet.

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free? No one bats an eyelid at differing dietary requests these days, and it’s about time that accessibility requirements were thought of in the same way.  Some of us require step-free access, for others, it might be a Braille menu, or a hearing loop installation so that we can communicate, book and pay freely.  If you can offer even some of these things as part of the whole culinary experience, you’ll have some very satisfied customers indeed!

Loyalty comes in all forms!

Satisfaction can often lead to loyalty, and there are few customers as loyal as disabled customers who have found somewhere that is ‘the right fit.’ If you take the time to inclusively cater to the requirements of all your customers, we know that other disabled people will quickly hear of your venue and the brilliant service it provides, and will want to come and celebrate it with you! Don’t be shy either; promote your accessible facilities online and on social media, as well as being honest about what you are still working to improve.  Nowhere is perfect, but a willingness to take a step forward and progress goes a really long way!

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