Roll up, Roll up: The Disabled Access Day Times!

Roll up, Roll up: The Disabled Access Day Times!

For some time now, those of all abilities and the ones they hold dear have been subject to a less than adequate situation: a society that takes, but does not return kindness when that often used, but more frequently misunderstood, lexical choice ‘inclusion’ leaves the mouths of many. A day to day routine of steps, small bathing facilities and that word that few are keen on: ‘NO!’ no longer needs to be the case with a fun, frolicsome but downright serious initiative that has been ringing in our ears for the last three years – Disabled Access Day, or, #AccessDay for those savvy tweeters…or is it twitters? I can’t quite remember.

For those not yet ‘in the know’, here are some tips on how to jump on board from those that do know!

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It’s been said a picture speaks a thousand words

But a smile says more, much more. Step free facilities will get your guests grinning, but they’ll be rushing to review their incredible experience should they receive a warm welcome. If something should take a turn for the worse, don’t just dust off your lapels and turn the other cheek; ask your good fellow guests what you can do to rectify the issue.

Look around your humble abode

Is your signage clear and easy to follow? Getting lost in a labyrinth of a venue, no matter the size, could come between your guests and their visit to the café. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? 

Decorate your space

We’re not looking for absolute grandeur, but we defy anyone who says a party is possible without a balloon or two! If you need some inspiration, download and print our specially designed arrows. What was that? You need a banner? We have those too - sign up and receive our welcome pack with everything you could possibly need inside (and more!) 

Our times are changing, and the Interweb is now King.  Do not forget, old chums, that your accessible amenities should be declared electronically, too… although we do still celebrate those bold enough to promote themselves by shouting in the streets to all who will listen, just like the good old days. 

If this year is your first as an #AccessDay friend, fine fellows, do invite those close to you for afternoon tea to discuss business.  They may well be veterans of the cause, and able to share the excitement, conjuring up of ideas and event space with you to make your Disabled Access Day involvement truly spiffing!

For other forms of merriment, please do take a gander at our World Wide Web presence, and visit us here. Have a lovely day, chaps!