The Access Survey Results

2016, reports

The Access Survey Results

How’s your disabled access information looking before #AccessDay? The weekend is all about you and somewhere new, but for many disabled people, their friends and families, there are many factors which influence their decision to even step foot in the door. It all starts with the disabled access information that you provide.

In winter 2016, together with Euan’s Guide we asked for opinions of searching for access information and making decisions about where to go. The Access Survey 2016 showed that too many venues are still failing to provide the right information, and 82% of survey respondents told us they had found information to be misleading or inaccurate. 68% of participants admitted that they had even had a trip ruined simply because a venue had shared inaccurate accessibility information. So, what does this mean?

“A general statement like ‘we have disabled access’ isn’t very helpful. One size doesn’t fit all.”

It means that people need to be able to find information about your venue easily, quickly and through a variety of channels. It’s your website that people still turn to first with 90% of participants saying they will search a venue’s website for disabled access information when planning a visit. 57% also said that they would read reviews and listings on Euan’s Guide to get the information they needed. If that information isn’t there, venues might be missing out on great new customers and visitors, and disabled people will be avoiding places they might not realise are accessible!

“I find a lot of websites say to call for information about access, but I don’t really like using the phone so I can’t buy wheelchair tickets when only a phone number is provided.”

With Disabled Access Day fast approaching, now is a good time to make sure your information about accessibility is easy to find and substantial enough to give people the knowledge they’re looking for. Don’t forget to have a clear path to your access page on your website, and update your Euan’s Guide listing with any changes or useful information that you could add!

We’d like to thank everybody who took part in The Access Survey 2016!

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