The Beamsley Project

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The Beamsley Project

As I have just turned 23, I have been thinking a lot about my 21st birthday weekend. My twin sister, Lucy, and I had been planning it for almost a year. We wanted a big but comfortable affair spanning over two nights, and a venue that would house a hundred friends, along with Dad’s band, our entertainment for the weekend.

One thing that we considered very early on was the accessibility of any potential venue. We both have cerebral palsy, I am a wheelchair user, and a number of our friends also have varying disabilities. We wanted them all to be at our party weekend, but more than that, we wanted everyone to feel welcomed and happy with our choice of venue, instead of constantly worrying about how many steps they might have to climb, or whether the bathrooms would be appropriate for their needs. This is when we came across the Beamsley Project - an independent charity with over 15 years of experience in providing tailored, self-catering holiday accommodation in the Yorkshire Dales. Set within the Bolton Abbey Estate, this converted former Methodist chapel was to have it all; eight bedrooms to sleep twenty four of our closest friends, an elevator in the centre of the venue for those who struggled with stairs, and a beautiful hall, church-like windows still intact: perfect for a great gig.

As I am now an accessibility consultant and accessible travel writer, spending 6 months of my year out in Rio focusing on transport accessibility for the upcoming 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, I was recently invited back to the Beamsley Project to really take a look at the features it offers. Margaret and John Tomlinson, the wardens of the Project, welcomed me with open arms to show me around this wonderful venue.

A huge selling point of the Beamsley Project for me is the outside area. With room and resources for a game of table tennis or drafts, and ample space both undercover and out in the open, endless fun can be had in the grounds. And Bolton Abbey is just a short drive away! What more could you want?

Whether you consider yourself to have a disability or not, book a stay at the Beamsley Project. I guarantee that with such a stunning location, more equipment than you could need, and a great welcome from a lovely couple, you will not be disappointed.

- Emily Yates

The aim of Disabled Access Day is to discover places like The Beamsley Project that have great disabled access. Join the adventure and visit somewhere new on the 17th of January. Read more about the accessibility of the Beamsley Project on Euan's Guide

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