Top tips for easy access booking!

Top tips for easy access booking!

Wanting more disabled people to visit your hotel or restaurant and shout about it to all of their friends? The Disabled Access Day team is here to help! There are many ways to promote your venue to disabled customers, including:

  • Advertising your accessible facilities and features on social media.
  • Opening up your business network via disability magazines and articles.
  • The forever valued and often underestimated wonder that is ‘word of mouth’.  

However, making websites and booking systems more accessible to all is one of the most reliable ways of guaranteeing long-term and loyal custom, whilst placing your establishment well and truly on the map as a venue that has inclusivity at its heart.  Want to know more? Read on!

When going for a romantic weekend away, or for a meal to celebrate an occasion, no-one likes all the fun to be taken away before they even get there because booking a room or table is a hassle or, even worse, totally impossible.  This might seem dramatic, but it really does happen for many disabled people.  Those who are unable to communicate via the phone are rarely given a text number or email address, and an online booking form is not likely to offer the option for larger text or contrasting colours, something that can really help visually impaired guests.  Any accessibility information should also be easy to locate on your website; the more ‘clued up’ your visitors are, the better experience they will have!


  • Have an online booking system, or an email address, handy on your website.  Make sure that there is the option to change the colour on this form and make the text larger, and that it is also accessible for people who use screen readers.
  • The telephone is not everyone’s best friend! Always let guests know of other ways to contact you that may suit them better.
  • Have ramps, grab rails, vibrating alarm clocks and accessible rooms? Make sure that every visitor to your website gets this message, loud and clear!
  • An inclusive hotel or restaurant is one we love.  Tweet us @Access_Day and we will help to spread the fantastic news!