Venue Spotlight: Sandcastle Waterpark Part 2: Supporting our guests

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Venue Spotlight: Sandcastle Waterpark Part 2: Supporting our guests

Sandcastle Waterpark has consistently received great feedback about their customer service and today Jane Kelly, Marketing and Business Development Manager, shares how they support their guests to have a great time at the park.

If you missed Jane’s last post take a look at it where she describes the business case for accessibility and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.


Supporting our guests

Any guest with a disability arriving at the waterpark will be asked if they require any assistance. If a guest does require this service an Access Ambassador or Guest Service and Inclusion Manager, will be contacted to come to reception and greet the guest. Here we can establish the requirements of the guest and advise them accordingly. Alternatively, we do advise that guests contact us prior to arrival so we can help make their day out as special as possible. If this occurs, if required, we can arrange a time to meet the guest and assist them.

There is clear signage in the entrance which features some of the facilities and services we offer. But we offer a whole range of different services and facilities depending on the customer, take a look at some of the services and facilities we offer below:

Ageing population:

  • Discretionary rate available for non-swimmers who receive a £5 voucher to use in any catering or retail outlet.
  • Seating throughout the waterpark and entrance for guests to sit.
  • Assistance given to any guest with mobility issues to bring food to the guest’s tables.
  • On site first aid and triage room with trained staff.
  • Handrails fitted with contrast to make them visible.
  • Ramps and lift available for access to all areas both inside and outside the waterpark.

Visually or hearing impaired:

  • Clear and defined signage that follows guidelines with upper and lower case and contrast colours
  • BSL trained staff available
  • Large print and audio versions of the Access Statement and other useful information e.g. menus, leaflets, frequently asked questions, available on website or on arrival.
  • Lights and high audio alarms fitted to activate when a fire alarm sounds.
  • Induction loops at all outlets that are regularly tested along with fire alarm checks.

Guests with learning disabilities:

  • Clear and easy to understand signage
  • Visual representation of some of the rules and regulations through the use of videos.
  • Staff training to make any guest interactions easy, we give clear and concise in instructions to make it easy for the guest to understand.
  • Water Ambassadors on site are available for guests to ask questions when inside the waterpark.
  • We offer work experiences packages with Project Search and Blackpool Carers for young students to come and experience a working environment.

Guests with allergies:

  • Matrix of all menu items to cover all food intolerances, staff trained in recommendations of items that may be suitable
  • Special privileges given to guests to bring their own food in, where applicable and food can be kept in kitchen to keep it cool.

Wheelchair users:

  • H-track hoist system available in Gold Standard Changing Place facility. We also allow guests who are not using the Waterpark to use this facility too.
  • Wide obstacle free gangways
  • Greeted by an Access Ambassador and shown to the wet rooms or Changing Place facility.
  • Lift to access changing facilities or 3 poolside wet rooms.
  • Pool accessible wheelchairs.
  • Woggles and flotation vests.
  • We have recently installed a new automatic door

Other services and features:

  • Adult swim nappies
  • Water Ambassadors in the water for extra assistance
  • Lifeguards trained in Royal Live Saving Society specifically for guests with disabilities
  • Disability Awareness Training for staff
  • We have a look after facility for assistance dogs
  • First aid and triage room
  • Dedicated reserved seating area

Promoting our accessibility online

Sandcastle Waterpark has a dedicated section of the website for guests with disabilities to enable them to access a host of information to help plan and prepare for their visit including:

If any further information is required, we ask guests to contact the Pool Safety Hotline to discuss their individual requirements.

We also have our own dedicated social media page for guests with disabilities where people can share their experiences of the park. We also actively promote the use of Euan’s Guide and have included the logo on our website and literature to make people aware that we’re listed there.


Tomorrow Jane will share some of the recent changes they’ve made at the park, as well as the challenges they’ve faced in making it more accessible and importantly their plans for Disabled Access Day.