Venue Spotlight - The Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther!

Venue Spotlight - The Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther!

Here at Disabled Access Day we love hearing the positive ways in which Access Day has benefitted venues, spaces, and people up and down the country. So, in this year, we’ve decided to bring back our Venue Spotlight. We will be inviting venues who got involved last year to tell us about the awesome events that took place and offer advice for those of you signing up for the first time! 

First up we have The Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther. They had an awesome time last year, and we’re excited to hear what they have planned for this year and this is what they told us when we got in touch!

When we saw the first Disabled Access Day advertised we thought that it sounded like an excellent idea, both for disabled visitors to find out about the services available for them and for organisations to show off what they have available and encourage people to use them.  Most of the team have a personal interest in ensuring that the museum has good access and we decided to sign up for Disabled Access Day.  

Scottish Fisheries Museum

What happened in 2016?

It provides a great opportunity to showcase what we already have done to improve disabled access, such as our ramp project which won an Access for Visitors with Disabilities award.  We are keen to keep disabled access at the forefront of our thinking when we make long term improvements and changes to the museum so saw this as a good way to get valuable feedback.  We decided that we would look at where a need had been identified and aim to improve one of these areas for Disabled Access Day 2016.

For March 2016 we looked at what we already offered: ramp access through the entire museum, hearing loop at the front desk and large print labels and decided to ensure that they were all up to the best standard.  We then looked at the areas for improvement that had been identified and decided to expand our service for people with visual impairments.  We talked to Fife Society of the Blind to find out what we could do to improve and decided to create a touch and descriptive tour and an object handling service.  

We provided the object handling kit throughout the day and it was enjoyed by everyone who visited the museum.  We had two tours, the second was one of the most well attended tours that we have held so far. The tour was popular with everyone and it was brilliant to see everyone gaining the benefits of a new service. We took the opportunity to test a designated rest area within the museum which was a success. 

Access Day isn’t just about what happens on the day, the day can encourage venues to put accessibility at the forefront of their event planning for the rest of the year. Scottish Fisheries Museum explains how their accessibility has continued to grow since the day.

Taking part in Disabled Access Day has ensured that continuously trying to improve disabled access is at the top of our agenda.  Since Disabled Access Day we have signed up to be part of Visit Scotland’s Accessible Itineraries and created a full and comprehensive Access Statement.  We have also made the touch and descriptive tour and the object handling activity available to book in advance and they are included as part of the ticket.  All of our activities throughout 2016 considered access as part of the project so that access is thought of throughout the planning process, rather than as an add on at the end.

Looking forward to 2017!

For 2017 we aim to repeat the success of 2016 and promote our new services.  Over the weekend we will run our touch and descriptive tour on both days and our object handling kit will be available to play with.  

This year we will be offering a free cup or tea or coffee for visitors who provide feedback about the museum and will be active in seeking the views of all visitors. Throughout 2017 we will have a focus to improve our access further.

Get involved in Disabled Access Day!  Even small changes can make a big difference and it is easy to take part in the day: the guides available on the Disabled Access Day website are brilliant and talk you through everything you might need, and if you need any help, the staff are brilliant at offering advice and help.

Thank you to the Scottish Fisheries Museum for your feedback. It’s wonderful to hear just how successful Access Day can be for your business. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!