We’ve got a new look!

2017, Disabled Access Day

We’ve got a new look!

When you visit our website or read about us, you will see that we have a new look.

After so many successful events and visits this year we decided the time had come to create a new look that reflects the excitement and enthusiasm disabled people had for the day.

We sought something bright, colourful and clearly identifiable, recognisable, bold, modern, accessible and to-the-point, with a sprinkling of fun.

We see our logo as a symbol that, in time, people will come to recognise as the ethos and spirit of Disabled Access Day.

The new look has been described in many ways; including a celebration, a beacon and a call out to like minded people.

You can get involved or find out more about Disabled Access Day by visiting www.disabledaccessday.com If you can, share your news and ours by tweeting @Access_Day