What are people doing for Disabled Access Day?


What are people doing for Disabled Access Day?

We have been asking disabled people all over the UK to try something new on the 17th of January and this is what they said:

I am a Powerchair user who is always searching for new places to go and things to do with friends. This sounds great and I hope it's the start of something great. I will be taking part! - Sophie

I'll make it my business to go somewhere new that day...and to make note of the accessibility! This is a great idea and a positive way of generating awareness and hopefully change in how people, business and organisations think about and approach access. - Fiona

I'm a disabled lady who has never visited Caffe Nero. I'm up for visiting somewhere new! - Tracey

My partner and I are both disabled and will go to the cinema on Saturday. It will be the first time in 8 years that we have been to the cinema. There's a small cinema in our town, that we will try to access. - C.

Hi, my daughter has quad cp & uses a wheelchair.We tend to stick to where we know has good changing facilities on days out, which is VERY limited :( This is a great idea, we don't live in Scotland though but would love to be able to take part down here in England! - Sabrina

Pleased to get out and about with my disabled daughter, her quality of life is much improved if we go places and do things! - Nick

Love to be involved - Elaine

I'd like to make a difference, find venues to praise for excellent accessibility, and also find venues which need improvement and alert them to the need for change. - Christoph

I may take the chance to play tourist and visit the Tower of London instead of just a going past it or go to one of the museums or galleries in London - Lisa

A new coffee venue..... thinking........ How exciting! - Laura

I have Cerebral Palsy and am a fulltime wheelchair user. I'd very much like to get involved in this! - Neil

I have RA, and my son has CP and is a fulltime wheelchair user...Sounds great, and DEFINITELY needed, as my son has found so many obstacles when attempting to attend places with his college friends for nights out etc! Many thanks! - Elizabeth

I would like to do something different with my 22 year old son who has aspergers syndrome. - Mandy