What can hotels, cottages and B&Bs do for #AccessDay?

What can hotels, cottages and B&Bs do for #AccessDay?

Who doesn’t love a weekend away in a lovely hotel or cottage? We certainly do! Too often, hotels have incredible facilities for disabled guests that are not publicised when they should be celebrated! With Disabled Access Day 2019 heading our way in March, we want to ensure that this positivity strikes hard and hotels have all the hints and tips they need to prepare for #AccessDay.

Signposting people leads to success.

In the run up to Disabled Access Day, make sure that any accessibility information (and photos of adaptations) is easily available online, so disabled people can see what a priority inclusion is for your hotel.  Contact details should be on the accessibility page too, so that potential guests can get in touch with any more specific questions or queries. It would be amazing if guests could book an accessible room online without even having to phone up! How great would it be if the percentage of your disabled guests doubled for #AccessDay and beyond just because you had made some small but powerful changes to your site?

Get the word out, loud and clear

If you’re an accessible cottage or hotel, you have every right to shout about it! Promote yourself as an inclusive hotel on your social media and booking sites (whilst also being honest about facilities that disabled guests might not be able to access).  You’ll be surprised at the hugely positive difference this will make.  Want to hold an event for Disabled Access Day 2019, like a discounted weekend spa stay for disabled people to test out your facilities, or a formal evening in your dining room where accessible events and products can be auctioned and awareness raised? Make sure you tell everyone you know about it! You know what they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.  The same rules apply for accessibility!

Make sure staff are up to speed

On Disabled Access Day, just like any other day of the year, it’s important that staff know how to offer their assistance to disabled guests. This could involve identifying the best room for easy access, and knowing where to locate large print information and portable ramps to name a few examples. Disabled people can be loyal customers when they find the right place to stay, so a good staff training programme is definitely a good long-term investment! Collectively, let’s change the worry that often surrounds disability to a huge welcome. If you’re ever unsure of how you can help a disabled guest, just ask them! Your willingness to make their stay as comfortable as possible will be much appreciated, and they’ll know exactly how you can do just that!

Talk to your neighbours

If you’re really thinking of running an #AccessDay event in your hotel or cottage for the 16th March, get in touch your neighbours: the local organisations around you, to ensure that the event makes as much impact as possible.  Perhaps a local disability awareness charity could help promote your accessible hotel to their followers, or a local food provider could cook up a storm for a discounted price for any guest involved in the weekend festivities.  It’s all about dispelling the fear factor from disability, and if we can do it together, even better! 

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