What's Your New Year's Resolution?

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What's Your New Year's Resolution?

It’s the time of year again when you decide on your New Year’s resolution, do you know what yours will be this year? Try something new, get active, be more creative? Whatever it is we’re sure there is something happening on Disabled Access Day that will make sure you stick to it! Unless of course it’s give up chocolate – we’re not sure we can help there 

Take a look at some of our suggestions below and let us know your plans for Disabled Access Day using #AccessDay – we’d love to hear what you’re going to get up to…  

Take a trip somewhere new


Is your resolution to visit somewhere new in 2016? Get planning a trip in time for Disabled Access Day! There are a variety of hotels, B&B’s and holiday cottages already signed up to take part in March with a range of offers and activities, so it’s the perfect weekend to explore somewhere new.  

How about taking a trip to the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside? On Disabled Access Day Clynfyw Care Farm in Bonacath are planning the Grand Opening of their new accessible Woodland Sculpture Trail. Most of the artwork has been created by local disabled people, and the event will also feature performances by singers and poets. Afterwards stay over and relax in their award winning holiday cottages.  

Alternatively head up to Scotland and check out the Kingdom of Fife where you’re sure to have a welcoming stay at the accessible Homelands Trust! And with a range of activities planned for the day you’ll be kept busy. If you fancy heading out, you could pay the Scottish Fisheries Museum a visit in AnstrutherOr if the city is more your thing, then head to the bright lights of Edinburgh and explore some of the exciting activities going on there.  

Get to grips with your local public transport

Photograph of a lady boarding bus

Did you know that one of the reasons Disabled Access Day started is because of a 'try it out' session with a local bus company? Getting to grips with your local public transport can be daunting, but there are lots of 'try it out' sessions that happen up and down the UK throughout the year. If there’s not one near you before 12th March then take a look at some of the events happening on the day. 

Lothian buses in Edinburgh will be returning for another year, with Brighton & Hove buses and Metrobus also taking part. Passengers will be able to have a go at maneuvering on and off the buses, and can ask staff questions about accessible travel. The perfect day to get to grips with your local transport.  

Get Active

Photograph of a swimming pool

Whether you want to take up a sport or try a dance class, there are plenty of opportunities across the UK to get fit and have fun, and Disabled Access Day is the perfect opportunity to try something newDance Base in Edinburgh run a huge range of classes from ballet to hip hop, and are currently planning an exciting event for Disabled Access Day 2016.  

The Aspire Leisure Centre in Stanmore, the first fully accessible Training Centre in Europe will also be holding activities on the day – keep a look out for more information in the next few weeks. 

Unleash your Creativity

Photograph of an exhibition

The New Year is a great excuse to find a new hobby, and 2016 could be the year that you uncover a new creative talent. Disabled Access Day will offer many opportunities to get involved in creative activities.  

If you visit Anne Hathaway's cottage in Stratford Upon Avon you will have the opportunity to make lavender bags, try out braiding and have a go at identifying bird song!  

For children, Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling is running an inclusive visual arts workshop, allowing kids to create their own shoe-themed masterpieces.  

Alternatively, if you’re more of an art appreciator than an artist, then there are many galleries up and down the country running Access Day events, such as the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh and Tate Modern in London. 

Get Adventurous

Photograph of people canoeing on a river.

Fancy a new adventure in 2016? There are plenty of adventurous activities to try on Disabled Access Day. Calvert Trust in Exmoor, who provide outdoor activities for disabled people are organising an exciting event – more details will be announced in the next few weeks 

In Sussex? Lodge Hill in Pulborough will be showcasing their Woodland Lodges, Adventure Trail, Mission Trikes and Terrain Hoppers (all terrain mobility vehicles) – it sounds like a day not to be missed! 


Whatever it is that you want to try in 2016, remember to check the Disabled Day Access website to find out what events are going on near you.