World Toilet Day

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World Toilet Day

Today is World Toilet Day – a topic that probably doesn’t normally make its way into your daily conversation! Whether or not you have an accessible toilet at your venue or nearby will play a big role in whether people visit your venue on Disabled Access Day. However there’s one thing that often happens in accessible toilets: the cord is tied up out of the way which can prevent a disabled person from asking for help when it’s needed.

So we thought today would be a great day to highlight Euan’s Guide Red Cord Card campaign. It aims to highlight the importance of red cords in accessible toilets. The campaign asks people to attach the cards to red cords when they’re out and about to remind people of the importance of them hanging all the way to the floor.

Borough Market Graphic (1)

How can you help?

If you’re a venue tell your staff, particularly your cleaning staff, about the importance of ensuring that the cords hang all the way to the ground. You can also order your own cards on the Euan’s Guide website and add them to the red cords in accessible toilets across your venue – just like Borough Market who are participating in Disabled Access Day have done.

If you’re an individual you can also order red cord cards and attach them to red cords that you see when you’re out an about. If you spot one on your travels let Euan’s Guide know using #RedCordCard – the team love to see where they’ve got to!

Euan’s Guide recently sent out their 5000th red cord card, so add a card to the thousands of others adorning red cords across the UK and help ensure that they’re correctly positioned should a person need help.

Order your Red Cord Card now and make sure it’s proudly displayed on Disabled Access Day!